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from across the country have been sent to Hubei Province to treat patients, the meeting asked 19 other provinces to further step up medical staff assistance to Hubei while ensuring their local virus control. The meeting also stressed pooling strength to develop anti-virus medicines and vaccines and advance research on virus traceability and transmission, amoP

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    entral Committee and deputy head of the leading group, attended the meeting.China has tasked a team of medical experts N

  • Alterum docendi

    in Lebanon to join in the rescue operations in the capital, Beirut, following Tuesday's deadly explosions. Following tN

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    he blasts, the 18th Chinese peacekeeping medical team to Lebanon received a notice from the United Nations Interim Forck

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    e in Lebanon (UNIFIL) Command that it would deploy its medical force to provide medical aids to Beirut. After receivingR

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    the notice, the team transferred 9 medical staffs from the fields of surgery, internal medicine, burns, anesthesiologyd

  • Perfecto sapientem

    and other fields to form the "Beirut explosion" emergency medical team. The emergency team will bring medicines, consu6

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mables, protective equipment and other materials to Beirut. At this stage, team staffs, vehicles, and materials are reaX